It’s been a while since I wrote here. We had a holiday, then I was in the US visiting with schools and educators who are interested in or already using the iPad.

I wonder what to write about next. The project has mostly settled down into a steady state of daily operations now. The iPad has become far more embedded in our school day than I ever thought it would become.

I like to take photos and photographers are every bit as nerdy as computer people when it comes to equipment. A wise man once wrote:

Assume you have the sharpest lens ever created. Assume your sensor has resolution better than the human eye can distinguish. Now, what are you going to take pictures of?

I feel a bit like that now. I’ve been given all I wanted in technology terms. I’ve fulfilled a decade’s ambition to deploy a 1:1 technology program at Cedars and now we are all staring at the question of “what now?”.

I will continue sharing the knowledge we are gaining as it starts to crystallize. However, I want to write more than “Ten ways the iPad can revolutionise your classroom”. Let’s face it, the internet is already a greasy buffet table bending under the weight of that kind of content.

I’ve also accepted a number of speaking engagements to share our experiences. I’ll post a list when I’ve got the details worked out. If you would like to have me speak to your organisation, please get in touch via email.

I suppose my question for all of you reading is: what do you want to know about? What haven’t I covered that you need to know? Comments are open.