This tweet from Chris Espinosa got me thinking:

“the personal computer is a petri dish for malware. It’s a terrible consumer product. You wouldn’t accept that flaw in any appliance”

..followed by:

Control over code execution is just a part of 21st century digital consumer products. You can argue with *how* Apple does it, but not *why*

What if someone at Apple looked into the future and saw computer vendors in the dock for knowingly selling defective products to the unknowing consumer in the same way that tobacco companies have done in times past?

Sounds like a great resume-builder for any hungry young DA, no?

I have absolutely no doubt that the major OS vendors know of serious security bugs in various parts of their products, but have decided that the task of fixing them all is far beyond the cost/benefit curve.

What if “starting over” (conceptually, if not literally) is the only way to demonstrate good faith?